Kursana Residenzen GmbH is one of the leading private service providers in the care sector.

Kursana Residenzen GmbH has been a private service provider in the area of professional elder care services in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Estonia for more than 30 years.  At the moment, we have 116 domiciles, residencies and villas where we provide around 13,600 elderly people with assistance and care.

At the beginning of 2003, Kursana Private Hospital was opened jointly by the Kursana Group Austria and the City of Wörgl.  Meanwhile, Kursana Private Hospital has become established as a renowned institution in the Tyrolean Unterland.

Our philosophy: '…the ideally cared for and satisfied patient who, whilst being looked after by the physician of his or her choice, receives comprehensive services in a single location and a pleasant atmosphere in line with the latest medical knowledge.'


Kursana Privatklinik Gesundheitszentrum Wörgl Betriebs-GmbH is represented by two managing directors, Dr. Eva-Maria Keller, MBA, and Mr. Ulf Bieschke.  They ensure the implementation of the hospital's high-quality services, efficient processes and pleasant atmosphere. 


Encompassing our medical, care and management departments, our cooperative leadership is responsible for your wishes and concerns.

Dr. Stephan Papp

Medical director


Dr. Eva-Maria Keller, MBA

Managing director, administrative director and nursing management


Dr. Gerald Bode

Deputy medical director


Raffael Baumann

Registered nurse
Interim station manager in training


Inge Tusch, BScN

Registered nurse
Director of surgical services


Herbert Obermoser

Registered nurse
Director of anaesthetics



  • Treatment by the physician of your choice
  • Experienced healthcare professionals
  • Networked areas of expertise
  • Focus on the patient's wellbeing
  • Private, familiar atmosphere
  • Accommodation in comfortable rooms
  • Exact scheduling
  • Short waiting times
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