Dr. Siglinde Giesinger
Dr. Siglinde Giesinger

Address: GZW, Fritz-Atzl-Str. 8, 6300 Wörgl

Phone: +43 699 10984264

Website: www.akupraxis.at

E-Mail: rdntnkprxst


  • Anaesthesiologist and intensive care specialist
  • General practitioner
  • Certified kinesiologist
  • Diploma for emergency medicine awarded by the ÖÄK (Austrian Medical Chamber)
  • Diploma for acupuncture awarded by the ÖÄK
  • Private consultant having contracts with all health insurance funds


  • Treatment by the physician of your choice
  • Experienced healthcare professionals
  • Networked areas of expertise
  • Focus on the patient's wellbeing
  • Private, familiar atmosphere
  • Accommodation in comfortable rooms
  • Exact scheduling
  • Short waiting times
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